TV-Free, BMW F-Series, 1x Activate by OBD

The article is compatible with the vehicle configurations listed below:

BMW1er-Serieab 2011 (F20 / F21)iDrive CCC / CIC Professional CAN-Bus
BMW1er-Serieab 2011 (F20 / F21)iDrive CIC NBT Professional
BMW2er-Serieab 2013 (F22 / F23 / F45 / F46 / F87)iDrive CCC / CIC Professional CAN-Bus
BMW2er-Serieab 2013 (F22 / F23 / F45 / F46 / F87)iDrive CIC NBT Professional
BMW3er-Serieab 2012 (F30/ F31/ F34/ F35/ F80)iDrive CCC / CIC Professional CAN-Bus
BMW3er-Serieab 2012 (F30/ F31/ F34/ F35/ F80)iDrive CIC NBT Professional
BMW4er-Serieab 2013 (F32 / F33 / F36 / F82 / F83)iDrive CCC / CIC Professional CAN-Bus
BMW4er-Serieab 2013 (F32 / F33 / F36 / F82 / F83)iDrive CIC NBT Professional
BMW5er-Serieab 2010 (F10 / F11/ F18)iDrive CCC / CIC Professional CAN-Bus
BMW5er-Serieab 2010 (F10 / F11/ F18)iDrive CIC NBT Professional
BMW5er-SerieGT ab 2010 (F07)iDrive CCC / CIC Professional CAN-Bus
BMW5er-SerieGT ab 2010 (F07)iDrive CIC NBT Professional
BMW6er-Serieab 2011 (F06/ F12 / F13)iDrive CCC / CIC Professional CAN-Bus
BMW6er-Serieab 2011 (F06/ F12 / F13)iDrive CIC NBT Professional
BMW7er-Serie2008-2015 (F01 / F02 / F03 / F04)iDrive CCC / CIC Professional CAN-Bus
BMW7er-Serie2008-2015 (F01 / F02 / F03 / F04)iDrive CIC NBT Professional
BMW7er-Serieab 2015 (G11 / G12)iDrive CIC NBT Professional
BMWX1ab 2015 (F48 / F49)iDrive CIC NBT Professional
BMWX3ab 2010 (F25)iDrive CCC / CIC Professional CAN-Bus
BMWX3ab 2010 (F25)iDrive CIC NBT Professional
BMWX4ab 2014 (F26)iDrive CCC / CIC Professional CAN-Bus
BMWX4ab 2014 (F26)iDrive CIC NBT Professional
BMWX5ab 2013 (F15 / F85)iDrive CCC / CIC Professional CAN-Bus
BMWX5ab 2013 (F15 / F85)iDrive CIC NBT Professional
BMWX6ab 2014 (F16 / F86)iDrive CCC / CIC Professional CAN-Bus
BMWX6ab 2014 (F16 / F86)iDrive CIC NBT Professional
MiniCooper / One / Cabrioab 2014 (F55 / F56)iDrive CIC NBT Professional.


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Freeview offers reproduce the ability to playback video signals from the DVD player, TV tuner or any other video source while driving in the navigation system.

Most OEM navigation systems prevent your ads from TV / DVD etc. while driving. But just as the passengers want to but pass the time with the game console or watch the kids a TV Series / DVD.

Quality control during the journey the following functions: DVD, TV, Video
If you′ve spent a lot of money for a navigation system with TV function or DVD player, you should have expected that the image reproduction can also be applied while driving, so your passengers arrive in the TV or video enjoyment.

With Freeview possible even while driving.


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