Ground Zero GZRW 12XFL

30 cm / 12″ Flat Subwoofer, 500 WRMS
2 x 2 Ohm, 50 mm / 2″ copper voice coil,
High-strength flat IMPP cone,
Fs 28.4 Hz, Qts 0.47, SPL 87 dB.

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Ground Zero Radioactive subwoofers are making new standards to performance in their price range. Black frame subwoofers are made to all-arounders giving you bass response from deepest tones to hardest hits in higher tones. With good power handling, versatile enclosure options and good sensitivity. The ones with yellow frames are the SPL-models with higher power ratings and voice coils that can handle more power. Size variations are from 10″ to 15″ and voice coils with impedances of 1, 2 or 4 ohms each.


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