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Tekniset tiedot


1. Connect the red wire to constant +12V power (K30)
2. Connect the black wire to ground (GND / K31)
3. The blue wire should be connected to the amplifiers or signal processors that are being controlled by the 55000.
It supplies +12V output at 1A, with one to three seconds delay when triggered by signal on the grey wire.
WARNING! This provides only 1A. If you need to have a higher current, please control a small relay like the
Ampire 610T/12V or the Ampire 6816 with it.
4. The grey wire may be connected to any wire from the head unit that measures above +5V when the unit is on
and below +3V when the unit is shut off. This includes power antenna, amplifier remote outputs or speaker outputs.
5. The green LED built into the 55000 lights after the delay period, indicating that the remote output is triggered.

1. The trigger delay is controlled by the input voltage on the grey wire. A low voltage of +5V will increase the
delay to a maximum of three seconds, at +12V the delay drops to about one second.
2. If the 55000 is being triggered by a speaker output, it will stay on for a short period after the head unit is switched
off. This is due to the stored energy of a typical chip output and cannot be avoided. To prevent turn-off
transient noise we recommend that the adapter be triggered by a dedicated remote output of the head unit
whenever possible.

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